Currículum Vitae

UPL (Ulises P. López)
Alicante, Spain..


Experienced in management and public relationship being the treasurer of the AACE (Spanish Comic Author Association), budgeting, co-ordinating, tracking and scheduling among others.
Different levels of comic art lecturing, specialized in workshops for kids and specific short courses. Ease with the public face work and social interaction.
Imparting lectures and interviews being formally recognized in Unicómic Alicante, Salò del cómic de Barcelona, Salón del cómic de Valencia.
Self-starter with ability to learn quickly and problem-solving. Relationship-building and quick adaptation, used to work in different environments.
Trained extensively skilled cartoonist and illustrator. With professional experience working in weekly magazines and newspapers, with published artwork in specialized media.
Able to cover different roles, self-motivated and keen to have new career challenges.

Relevant Experience

Passionate about comics, I've being developing my career around it, combining collaborations, special projects and freelance job.  I tend to learn new aspects of the business, the challenges and new experiences make my profile more thorough.

Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
Cartoonist and writer
Dec 2014 – present
Scripts and ideas for Angry Brids Comics covers for different countries (USA, Europe).

Ponent Mon
Nov 2013 present
Orthographic and grammar checker, review of all texts, overview and distribution of content layout and dialogues. Books published by Ponent Mon.

AACE, Association of cartoonists in Spain
Feb 2011 present
Treasurer and board member of the AACE, Association of Spanish cartoonists.
Account management, registration of new members, recruitment, coordinate projects, approve budgets, social media comunication. Contact bridge between partners and companies, resolution of legal inquiries. Key member in decision-making and problem-solving. Since January 2015, responsible for the secretariat.

Jan 2011 present; Spain
Scheduling, management, presentation, lecturing and interviewing in comic-related events in Spain eg. Unicómic Alicante, Salò del cómic de Barcelona, Salón del cómic de Valencia. Public actions and interventions as moderator, presenter or as a consultant.

Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Childhood, Cartoon Museum
Feb 2014 - Sept 2014; London
Teacher for kids in workshops.
Set up the display of the exhibitions, gather up the artworks after finalization.
Stocktaking and monitoring of works.
Revise and security of the art rooms.

Short summer course, approach and introduction, basics of drawing and composition, story telling and narrative for children (8-16 years). Course taught during the summer months at the following locations:

-Alicante City Council
July 2012 August 2012 Alicante, Spain

-Torroella-Estartit City Council
June 2011; Catalonia

- Educanova
July 2006 September 2006; Alicante, Spain

Government of Spain
Oct 2013
Jury member of the annual national comic award given by the government of Spain.
Public figure representative of Association of Spanish cartoonists. Proposal of candidates, study and filter of classified works, selection, promoting and winner releasing.

University of Alicante
July 2011; San Vicente del Raspeig, Spain
Live painting merging the ''Pastoral'' by Beethoven. Unique concerts with Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Alicante. Show especially conceived for students. Motivating and creating interest in visual arts and classical music.
Also in 2016 with "Don Quixote" by Telemann.

Comic Artist/Graphic Designer

Made In Shoreditch
Feb 2014 Sept 2014; London, UK
Collaboration with comic strips in art and fashion magazine ''Made In Shoreditch''. London.

Feb 2013 Jun 2013; Germany
Comic strips for McDonald's Magazine in Germany. Walls decoration with cartoon characters in McDonald's Herzogenaurach.

More than ten years of experience drawing, writing and creating comic strips for various newspapers and magazines; Thought Bubble Anthology (UK), StripSter Magazine (Netherlands), El País, Diario Información, Més, Viari, Xtal, Aquí (Spain), El Rescoldo (Argentina), ...

More than twelve years developing corporate identity, generating digital graphics and contents to create branding  projects for a wide range of companies; Terra Home, Aliben Parquets, Bar Tequila y Olé, ...


With specialized art training in high school, the posteriors years I have been trained in new techniques and other aspects such as printing or book making.

Shadwell Centre , London
2014, Silkscreen and Printmaking.
Ten-weeks workshop. Introduction and development, selection of backing and various manual print techniques; woodcut, silkscreen, etching, carving-low relief.

London Centre for Book Arts
2014, Bookbinding.
Intensive course, theoretical introduction and practical handbook.
Creation and building your own books, different bindings; hardback, link stitch binding, drum leaf binding,...

CEAC , Spain
2009, Visual Arts.
Advanced art techniques, improvement and deepening. Personal experimentation and developing.

IES Virgen del Remedio, Bachelor of Arts, Spain.

Guild of Artists , Spain
2003, Assistant builder of Hogueras and Fallas.
Six months course, learning in workshop development techniques for ephemeral sculptural constructions.

Institute Juan Gil Albert , Spain
2003, Comic introduction .
60 lective hours course, with the well known artist David Cantero. History, editorial bases and market research, development from the idea/concept to the final artwork.


Group exhibitions
- Art exhibition in the annual event ''Exhigone 6'', in Paradise, London, UK (March 2014).
- Silk screen exhibition ''In Print'', Body Arts Centre. London, UK. (Feb. and July 2014).
- Comic exhibition Thought Bubble Festival, Leeds Library, UK (2013).
- Comic itinerant exhibition "Carantigua", Spain. (2012).
- Comic itinerant exhibition "Josechu el Vasco", Spain. (2012).
- Contemporary art exhibition "ALC II," Parking Gallery, Alicante, Spain. (March-May 2012).
- Illustration itinerant exhibition "No to animal abuse", Spain. (2009-2010).
- Comic itinerant exhibition "Speculates in action", Spain. (2006-2007).

Individual exhibitions
- Exhibition  ''Animal'', funny screen prints with a theme. Mery Croket, Alicante, Sspain. (Sept. - Oct. 2016).
- Exhibition "Sample sale", almost 80 retrospective drawings in The october press, Alicante, Spain. (May-June 2016).
- Exhibition ''Über Katzen'', 20 drawings, paintings and screen prints about cats. Casablanca Filmkunsttheater, Nuremberg, Germany. (October 2015).
- Exhibition  ''Animal'', funny screen prints with a theme. Taylor St Baristas, Canary Wharf, London, UK (Sept. - Jan. 2015).
- Exhibition ''¡Humor LGBTI!'' comics strips in Fnac Bulevar, Spain (July 2012).
- Exhibition ''Reflective Animalarium'' 50 illustrations at Cafe del Sol, Alicante, Spain. (November-December 2011).
- Retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Comic Calpe, Spain. (August-November 2007).


- Accésit a la obra "Dilo, sin miedo: cáncer", XXVI certámen Calamonte, España (2016).
- 1st award of the Thought Bubble Comic Art Competition, England (2013).
- Finalist of Comic Contest ''Enjoy the sun without breaking the skin'', organized by the Health Area Costa del Sol, Spain (2013).
- Winner of the 1st comic competition Hojablanca, Toledo, Spain (2012).
- 2nd prize in the comic contest H. Charles V, Toledo. (2011).
- Honourable mention in the I comic contest organized by the association Delirante of Madrid (2011).
- 3rd prize in the 11th comic contest Nou Barris, Catalonia. (2010).
- Prize in the XII comic Competition Rozasjoven of the City of Las Rozas, Spain. (2010).
- Winner of the Ist comic competition Kstelcòmics, Catalonia. (2010).
- Award for best comic about the city of Alicante in the fifteenth comic contest Centre 14, Alicante Town Hall, Spain (2010).
- Public Prize in the I photo contest of Center 14. Alicante City Council, Spain (2010).
- 3rd prize in the 9th comic contest Nou Barris, Catalonia. (2010).
- 2nd prize in ''Solidarity'' category in the Ist comic contest Creacómic CAM. Spain. (2008).
- 3rd prize whit Comic Strip in III Manga Days Villa de Calpe. Spain. (2007)
- 2nd prize at the XXI Comic Strip contest in Portugalete, Spain. (2007).
- Poster winner in the competition organized by the Civic Association for the normalization of the Valencian Dialect. (2004).
- 1st prize in the comic contest book IX of the City of El Campello, Spain. (2003).
- Special Prize for best writer under 18 in the 1st comic contest Villa de Ondarroa, Vizkaia, Spain (2003).
- Award for best comic for a 16 years in the comic book IV regional award for new writers Villa de Aspe, Spain. (2002).

Computer Skills
-Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe pack.
-Pc and Mac. Windows office.

-Spanish native language.
-Catalan and Valencian high.
-English high.
-German medium.